About Lyceum of Trees

Lyceum’s “birth” was on Samhain, 2000, as a group of eclectic pagans. The group spent about a year defining what they really wanted to do, and realistically could do, and began taking their first actions with the Yule celebration of 2001. Lyceum incorporated under Oregon law as “Lyceum of Trees, Inc” in 2005, as a 501 ( 3 ) c non-profit organization. Four of Lyceum’s Elders studied for, and became ordained as clergy under Oregon law, in 2006. Since 2002, Lyceum has offered a “Year and a Day” 13 month long course for anyone interested in an overview of contemporary pagan practices. Lyceum also provides a three year long program of study toward ordination as pagan clergy whenever there are four or more interested candidates.

Lyceum of Trees has evolved into an Inner Circle of roughly a dozen participants who organize the rituals and classes, and an Outer Circle of several dozen who attend rituals and other events. There are over a hundred individuals who have attended the Year and a Day sessions. There are currently (as of Ostara, 2014) 145 persons on our mailing list (see our contacts page for more info about our mailing list.)

We are a group of neopagans, mostly in solitary practices, who have a common interest in providing rituals and seminars to persons who have become interested in neopagan practices. 

The Area We Serve

The people of the Inner Circle reside along the Interstate 5 corridor between Salem, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. We offer classes in Gresham— a town bordering Portland— and in Salem. We have rituals and participate in pagan events at various locations between Salem and Vancouver.

Business Meetings

Lyceum’s business is conducted at our monthly Board of Directors meetings. These are open to anyone who cares to drop by. We make decisions by consensus of Lyceum participants who are present; if we cannot reach consensus we vote with every Lyceum member in good standing who is present having one vote. Meetings are generally an hour long. Our Board meetings will be on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the New Seasons Market, 7703 SW Nyberg St, Tualatin OR. Please refer to the Calendar Page as this may change at any time for any of several reasons.

Meet & Greet Sessions at Powell’s Books

Several members of Lyceum will be at the Powell’s City of Books coffee shop on the 1st Monday of each month to answer questions from those curious about us, and to give anyone who comes by an opportunity to look us over. We will be at the table with the Lyceum of Trees sign and usually a bunch of crafts books being passed around. Feel free to join us and ask questions about Lyceum, or just observe us at a distance.

The Year and a Day Classes

These are abbreviated as ‘Y&D’ (preferred), or ‘YaaD’ or sometimes as ‘YaD’ in some of our writings.

When Lyceum first got together we noticed that there was nowhere in the local Pagan community to get entry level training on Paganism that didn’t require you to adopt a specific tradition. Since we were all solitaries, Lyceum doesn’t ascribe to a specific path so we decided to fill in the gap. And so the Year and a Day series was born. It continues to evolve as we find something each year that we could do a little better. Currently the 3 hour classes are taught monthly in both Salem and Gresham.

It is our goal that upon completion of this class, the students will be informed enough to be able to incorporate spirituality into their daily lives, and evaluate a variety of spiritual paths to determine which— if any— appeals most to them, to be proficient in the most common magickal practices, and be at least familiar with several others.

Each session is 3 hours long and presented by a panel of typically two to four in a seminar format.

The current Year and a Day course began in January, 2015. This is the thirteenth time we present the course. The Syllabus and the Curriculum for the 2015 course are available. The next time the course will be offered is in the Spring of 2016.

There is a one time fee of $120 for the course. This covers rent of the meeting places and snacks for the break, at a rate of about $3.00 per hour of contact time with the panel. The instructors donate their time and travel costs. We have found that the seminars work better when we require the fee to be paid up front. This is a crude but effective way of assuring that participants are committed to doing the work and participating in the discussions.

Ordination studies

We thought long and hard about whether Lyceum should offer ordination and what the requirements would be. After all, if you just want the ordination certificate you can go on line. We decided on a 3+ year course of study including History of Paganism, Counseling, Ritual Writing and Conducting, Life Passages, and Legal Issues. Candidates must have completed the Y&D series, be initiates of Lyceum of Tress, and be dues paying members* in good standing of the Lyceum of Trees organization.

The 1st class was ordained in June 2006. The 2nd class celebrated its ordination ritual on Samhain, 2014. The third class will begin studies in the Spring of 2015. Interested Lyceum initiates should contact one of the Elders.

* Dues are $20 per year.

Pagan Community Connections

We are not part of any other group but we do have strong ties and partnerships within the community. PACT Coven of Portland and Grove Tor Bjorn are long term friends. We participate in the Salem and Portland Pagan Pride celebrations. Several members are integral parts of the Eastrose UU in Gresham and Salem UU congregations, and Salem CUUPs group and we support and share events with them.