Directors of Lyceum

Board members as of Litha, 2017.

The general practice of Lyceum is that magical or nicknames will be used whenever a participant or member indicates that preference, with the exception of the Steward, Treasurer, and Secretary who use their legal names when acting in these roles to assure compliance with Oregon law.

President, or Steward: Will Steward
Treasurer: Sue Steward
Secretary: Sue Steward
Clerical Director: Matrilegend
Communications Director: Miahawk
Member at Large #1: Vergil
Member at Large #2: Sue-ann

Note that “Steward” is the more commonly used descriptive term of the role, but under Oregon law this role’s title is “President”.

Contact Lyceum through the Steward’s email, Please include “Lyceum” in the subject line to avoid the spam traps.