Lyceum of Trees Creed (c. 2006)

The Lyceum of Trees is a nature-based spiritual organization/ church whose members have joined together to form a community, and to foster integration of our spiritual beliefs into our daily lives. Although all are Pagan, members approach their faith from diverse points of view, having arrived at their beliefs by following their individual paths.

“And it harm none, do what you will.” This is the central tenet of our creed. Simply put, it means that our faith dictates that we may take no action which might cause ourselves or another individual harm or injury. By our definition, “harm” and “action” include anything physical, emotional or spiritual.

We believe that all positive spiritual paths will eventually guide us to the same place. For this reason, we advocate respect for and tolerance of all faiths and all paths whose creeds and practices are life-affirming, thereby conforming to our central tenet of “And it harm none.”

We believe in a higher power which unites all living things. We believe that we may have the ability to use this power in our daily lives, and that this power may choose to guide our lives directly. As we vary in our spiritual paths, we acknowledge that each of us may know this higher power by a different name, in a different form, and by different processes.

We believe that since no person or group can truly claim to totally understand the deity, no one is completely right; no does anyone have all the answers. Towards that purpose, we acknowledge that each individual’s spiritual path is intensely personal and defined solely by the interaction between the individual and the higher power. Thus we believe that an open mind, adaptability, and ongoing spiritual growth are essential to all of us.

As we are a nature-based organization, our activities and celebrations focus on the natural order of things, following lunar cycles, as well as seasonal solar cycles. We see the natural progression from spring to summer to fall to winter as the cycle of life, continually dying off in the winter only to be reborn in the spring.

We believe that each of us has a responsibility to our planet and to each other to do what we can to help keep our environment safe, clean, and healthy. Again, as all members are individuals, the methods we choose to accomplish that goal may vary according to the individual.

This creed was replace in 2017 by our current Statement of Principles.