Policies and Procedures

Policies say what we do, e.g., The role of each Director shall always be filled. Procedures say how we do the policies, e.g., in the event of a vacancy in one of the Director roles, the Steward shall assume the vacant role and with the Board’s approval appoint a member in good standing as an interim Director for the remainder of that role’s term.

Developing the P & P is a long term, rainy day, project. Lyceum is small enough, and tightly enough knit together, that we have no immediate need for a formal P & P. The Minutes of the Board meetings are sufficient to meet our legal requirements.

Yet we have been developing over 13+ years, which puts us into the relatively small group of fully matured, consensus oriented, eclectic neopagan groups. So we have some hard-won wisdom about how to make things work that would be good to pass on to other groups, and a P & P Manual would be a very good way of distilling out the most useful stuff about the mechanics of herding cats. Yet the work involved in codifying our practice is no small thing. And other matters, like making this web site sing, take precedence.