Statement of Principles

Lyceum of Trees is a nature-based spiritual organization whose members come together to form a mutually supportive community that fosters the integration of our Pagan beliefs into our daily lives. Our activities and celebrations follow the natural progression of the seasons, the sun, the moon, and the phases of life as a constant cycle of birth, maturity, death, and rebirth.

Our core principle is individual autonomy. As a group of solitary pagans, Lyceum of Trees embraces members with diverse points of view and respects each person’s self-determination and unique path.

Our guiding principle is, “If it harm none, do what you will,” which demands both freedom and responsibility. As a matter of individual conscience, we seek to avoid actions that cause harm in any way. In all our words and actions, we strive to consider the consequences to ourselves, others, and the world around us. We respect the physical, emotional, and spiritual autonomy of all beings.

We affirm that there is magical energy which unites all things and that each of us may know this magic by a different name, in a different form, by different processes, and that we may put it to different uses.

We affirm that we each have a responsibility to our planet and to each other. We will do what we can to make our environment safe, clean, and healthy. The methods we use to accomplish these goals may vary.

We advocate respect for and tolerance of all paths whose expressed beliefs and practices are congruent with our principles.

Drafted by the Transition Team, Spring, 2017; approved by the Board of Directors, July 1, 2017. Our retired Creed is archived here.