Annual Board Meeting 2015

Lyceum of Trees, Annual Meeting of 2015, Imbolc, February 2, 2015

Minutes of this meeting have been lost or may never have been taken. The following is from memory. It is accurate but not complete.

All current officers of Lyceum were present. Several dues paying members and a number of other members were also present. My personal count was that 16 persons were present.

Annual dues were collected.

Two positions were up for renewal at this time.

  • Arrhiannon has stepped down from Clerical Director role. She has served in this capacity since Lyceum of Trees was incorporated. She has filled the role in an exemplary fashion, and has developed tools such as scheduling calendars and liturgy resources, and approaches to the tasks, that will continue to be used. Lyceum’s robust health owes a lot to the work that Arrhiannon has contributed.
  • Gyelle becomes the new Clerical Director by the consensus of all Lyceum members present.
  • Gyelle vacates her previous position as Secretary. Her work in managing much of the administrivia of Lyceum is very much appreciated.
  • Candescent becomes the new Secretary by the consensus of all Lyceum members present.

The following persons are initiated into Lyceum:

  • Michele
  • Boomer
  • Will

The formation of the Ordination Study Group was announced, with an invitation to all initiates of Lyceum who are interested in this advanced study to contact Gyelle about joining. The OSG members will have a Dedication Ritual on March 20, the New Moon and solar eclipse just before Ostara.

There was discussion of making a $240 one time donation to Eastrose Fellowship. This was agreed to, with details to be determined at a later board meeting.

Author: Will

I was born at a very young age but I am older than that now. As a young man I drove half a million miles in Boston taxis. Then I moved to Oregon and developed two careers as an RN over 28 years: the first as a clinical nurse mostly in ICU, then later in Nursing Service Administration as an Informatics RN (but before that term was coined). In between RN work, I picked up an ADSc Business Computer Programming and provided PC network installation, maintenance and repair for 10 years. I eased into retirement beginning in 2003 and was fully retired in 2010. But I have continued to develop and manage websites and my skills are current with HTTP/CSS, PHP, Apache, SQL, etc. I have a strong preference for Ubuntu Linux boxes and Dokuwiki websites. I have a strong dislike of WordPress, which, although it is technically very well done, has created one of the worst cesspool ecosystems I have ever encountered. Still it is sometimes the best tool for the job, more is the pity. I have followed pagan paths for 50 years and I have about 3 yards of bookshelves devoted to pagan thought and practice. I am a perfectly eclectic technopagan heavily influenced by Victor Anderson's Feri practice but comfortable with Gardner derivatives, Zennist ways, and totemic/shamanist practices. I have recently been made the Steward of the Lyceum Of Trees. So I am Will Steward, Steward. Make of that whatever you will.