Board Meeting Minutes 2014-01-15

Lyceum of Trees, Minutes of the Board, January, 2014

This meeting predates the wiki, and the template for these minutes. The following is built from the minutes notes that Arrhiannon recorded.

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Date: 2014-01-15
Location: Whole Foods, Tigard
Time: 1900
Presiding: Gyelle
Quorum? Y
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Officer Name Present
Steward: Gyelle Y
Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: Water Wizard Y
Clerical Director: Arrhiannon Y
Comm.Officer: Cybrwulf Y

Others Present (‘V“ indicates a voting member:

  • Vergil(V)
  • Mark(V)
  • Sue Ann(V)
  • EmGee
  • Maea(V)

Note: Arrhiannon acted as secretary


There was no written agenda prepared for this meeting.

Directors Reports

  1. Steward’s report: there is nothing up in the steward world.
  2. Treasurer’s report: we have $1671.09. We are still waiting to see if two persons are continuing the classes. WW is worried that Jennifer is upset and the heat for the money mix up. Donny and Daniel have paid in full. We will see if they return at the class on the 25th.
    1. A question of whether there is any debt was raised. Our only encumbrance is the amount we agree to pay for the rents on the sites.
  3. Communications Director report: The web site ( is up and running but it is difficult to get the information to the site.
    1. Cybrwulf and Emgee are planning to get together to talk about the wiki thing.

Old Business

  1. Details on revising the Bylaws were discussed. It was decided that these would be presented as proposals at the Imbolc Annual Meeting, and voted upon in a later Board meeting, consistent with the amendment process

New Business

  1. We discussed the idea of training the trainers using some ideas for helping new teachers become more competent at leading a class and to understand facilitation. There will be further discussion in later meetings.
  2. Initiations
    1. Emgee and Boomer have submitted letters of intent to initiate
    2. Boomer’s application for initiation is approved
    3. Emgee’s application for initiation is approved


  1. January 17: Witches of Salem. CUUPS ritual
  2. January 25: Gresham class
  3. February 1: Imbolc at Lewisville Park
  4. February 3: Meet and greet
  5. February 8: Salem class
  6. February 13: BOD meeting
  7. February 15: Esbat at Sue Ann’s 6pm with ritual at 7:30
  8. February 22: Gresham class
  9. March 3: Meet n greet
  10. March 8: Salem class
  11. March 13: BOD meeting
  12. March 16: Esbat at Joy’s
  13. March 22: PaganFaire
  14. March 23: Ostara from 12 noon with ritual at 3
  15. March 29: Gresham class
  16. April 7: Meet n greet
  17. April 12: Salem class
  18. April 10: Bod meeting
  19. April 12: Esbat at our house. 7 pm with ritual at 8
  20. April 26: Gresham class

Meeting adjourned approximately 8:00pm

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