Board Meeting Minutes 2014-02-13

Date: 2/13/2014
Location: Tualatin OR
Time: 7:00 pm
Presiding: Steward Sue Ann Nystrom
Quorum? Y


Officer Name Present
Steward: Sue Ann y
Secretary: Gyelle y
Treasurer: Water Wizard y
Clerical Director: Arrhiannon y
Comm.Officer: EmGee y
Member at Large: Cybrwulf n
Member at Large: Maea n

Other members present (‘V’ if a voting member):

  • Vergil- V


  1. Welcome (by Steward)
  2. Director reports
    1. Treasurer
    2. Secretary
    3. Clerical Director
    4. Communications Director
  3. Old Business
    1. Training for guest presenters
    2. Review of proposed amendments to Bylaws
    3. Progress on alignment with ATC, CoG
    4. Calendar Planning: May – July
  4. New business
    1. witchvox review,requested by Comm Dir
    2. Process of Board review for applicants for initiation (Bylaw?)
    3. Comments, concerns, complaints, and compliments! (For the good of the order)

Director’s Reports

  1. Steward: Got information about initiates to discuss in New Business
  2. Treasurer: Balance $1871.09 after 10 members paid dues (1 couple still owes $10 for the year)
  3. Secretary:
    1. I intend to organize the existing minutes and get them to EmGee for the wiki.
    2. The current notes and going forward will be taken on the /Wiki itself so they will be immediately available.
  4. Clerical Director: Nothing to report since the annual meeting.
  5. Comm Director:
    1. The website is functional though there is little content.
    2. Chasing bugs: expect to see some problems with frequency and severity declining over several months.
    3. Has trained 1 person on using and updating the website and training is going to be more difficult than anticipated.
      1. Will need to do one on one sessions with each Director.
      2. Appointment to train A & WW made.
    4. Discussed info to share for website content— copyright management.
      1. Creative commons copyleft choices: Vergil states he will research these and make recommendation.
    5. We are ready to close out the contract on the old website. Cybrwulf is going to look into that and a refund.
    6. Cybrwulf and Maea are working on a Google calendar that will interface with the wiki.
    7. We will stay with the Yahoo group and email lists for a now but will swap over to a group under the website eventually.
    8. Notes added after the Board meeting
      1. The domain names “” and “” have been acquired.
        1. Cost is approx $15 ea for 2 year period
        2. Cost has been contributed; no expense at this time to Lyceum. But will need to budget for renewals
        3. Reason: This is done to prevent any undesirable use of names that are very similar to
      2. For all practical purposes, the primary name of the new web site is Use that in correspondence, etc.
        1. The .net variant directs traffic to the .org primary name
        2. The .com variant currently goes to the old web site, but will be directed to the .org later.
        3. The web site’s technical address is “” but only the admins need to deal with that.

Old Business

  1. Minutes of the January board meeting were accepted as written.
  2. Minutes of the annual meeting were approved as presented.
  3. Training for guest presenters: Discussed having a Training of Trainers at the last monthly meeting. Arrhiannon will write an outline for the training. Proposed 2:00-3:00 on March 30th at Johnni’s before the Ordination group.
  4. Progress on aligning with ATC or COG: Will reported about ATC at the annual meeting, he has more information to get from them and will contact COG as soon as he gets a chance.

New Business

  1. Letter of Intent to Initiate was received from Michelle. Consensus was that we gladly accept her as a potential initiate. Gyelle is her mentor.
  2. Witch Vox review: Arrhiannon is the sponsor of the Lyceum information. We should look at the listing and make sure it points to the new website and the Yahoo group. Will will review the Witch Vox and listings and decide how they should be managed.
  3. Beltane: Discussed having a joint Beltane with Salem CUUPS on the 3rd or, if they choose not to, we could do it at Sue Ann’s.

Calendar events

  • 2/15 Salem Class
  • 2/16 Esbat at Sue Ann’s, gather at 6:00, ritual at 7:30
  • 2/22 Gresham Class
  • 3/3 Meet and Greet
  • 3/8 Salem Class
  • 3/13 BOD
  • 3/16 Esbat at Joy’s, gather at 2:00, ritual at 3:00
  • 3/22 Pagan Faire
  • 3/23 Ostara, gather at 3:00, ritual at 6:00
  • 3/29 Gresham Class
  • 3/30 Training of Trainers 2:00-3:00 at Johnni’s
  • 4/7 Meet and Greet
  • 4/10 BOD
  • 4/12 Salem Class
  • 4/12 Esbat at Lyceum South, gather at 7:00, ritual at 8:00
  • 4/26 Gresham Class
  • 5/3 Salem CUUPS/Lyceum Beltane
  • 5/4 PACT Beltane
  • 5/5 Meet and Greet
  • 5/8 BOD
  • 5/10 Salem Class
  • 5/17 Esbat TBA- Volunteer to host!!!
  • 5/24 Gresham class

Adjourned at 8:30

Author: Will

I was born at a very young age but I am older than that now. As a young man I drove half a million miles in Boston taxis. Then I moved to Oregon and developed two careers as an RN over 28 years: the first as a clinical nurse mostly in ICU, then later in Nursing Service Administration as an Informatics RN (but before that term was coined). In between RN work, I picked up an ADSc Business Computer Programming and provided PC network installation, maintenance and repair for 10 years. I eased into retirement beginning in 2003 and was fully retired in 2010. But I have continued to develop and manage websites and my skills are current with HTTP/CSS, PHP, Apache, SQL, etc. I have a strong preference for Ubuntu Linux boxes and Dokuwiki websites. I have a strong dislike of WordPress, which, although it is technically very well done, has created one of the worst cesspool ecosystems I have ever encountered. Still it is sometimes the best tool for the job, more is the pity. I have followed pagan paths for 50 years and I have about 3 yards of bookshelves devoted to pagan thought and practice. I am a perfectly eclectic technopagan heavily influenced by Victor Anderson's Feri practice but comfortable with Gardner derivatives, Zennist ways, and totemic/shamanist practices. I have recently been made the Steward of the Lyceum Of Trees. So I am Will Steward, Steward. Make of that whatever you will.