Board Meeting Minutes 2014-05-08 – Communications Director Report

Communications Director’s Report: May, 2014

A detailed report on web activities is below. In general, things are moving slowly in a satisfactory manner.

  1. The amount of traffic Lyceum’s web site has seen last month is larger than I expected, and suggests that either a very few persons are looking at the site very frequently, or a dozen or so persons are visiting once or twice a month.
  2. Roughly 20% of our visitors come from other countries.
  3. The old web site at has been deleted. We hope to obtain the necessary password to point that domain name to the new web site. The new web site can be found with either (preferred) or
    If we are unable to acquire, I will post a notice of the change in name to the email group and see what can be done about reserving the dot-com name when its present ownership expires.
  4. I have found that some of the menus on the new web site are not accessible by persons using some tablets. I am looking for the least disruptive way to fix this. Concerns involve minimizing the disruption in the user experience, but also minimizing problems with site maintenance and trying to keep things simple enough that the site can be maintained by someone else when I am no longer able to do it.
  5. Most of our visitors are using either Firefox, Safari, or Chrome; less than 2% are using Internet Explorer. Since IE users are not only at higher risk for malware but also increase the risk of malware activity affecting others, this is a good thing.

April, 2014, is the first full month of good data on the web site’s performance. Months prior to that are distorted by the activities of setting up the site and the numerous page revisions, etc, that go along with that activity.


The numbers below exclude most spiders, robots, and other non-human denizens of the web.

About 10% of the activity reported below is from prank or malware attacks. I have blocked several Internet service providers involved in these that also have dirty reputations on web sites like the Honey Pot Project. I expect the percentage of these pranks and attacks to drop to around 5% of all activity as the site matures. I am confident that the web site’s defenses are good against all currently known attacks.



April, 2014

Unique Visitors 280
Number of Visits 444
Pages Served Out 3026
Hits 5,745
Bandwidth Used 130.88 MB



  • The top five countries are
    1. USA: 78% of activity has originated in the USA
    2. Brazil: 8%
    3. China: 5%
    4. Mauritius: 1%
    5. Unknown: <1%
    6. Canada: <1%

Note that these countries are the locations of the gateways that the requests came through and do not necessarily indicate the country of origin. For example, there is one gateway in France that is used by Germans, Spaniards, Italians, and Swiss presumably because it offers a better buy for the money than other options. There are Canadians and Mexicans who are using USA gateways.

Also note that Mauritius’ hotels offer free Internet service and frequently host large conventions from Africa, Europe, and elsewhere. This is undoubtedly inflating the numbers for that country (Mauritius rarely shows up on the statistics of other sites I manage).

Pages Most Viewed


People are finding our site through Google, Bing, and Witchvox. However the majority of traffic is from mentions in email, or bookmarks visitors had set up earlier.


This is necessarily a baseline report. Future reports will allow month to month comparisons.

The web site is seeing a low level of traffic, which is to be expected. Each of the “Pages most viewed” stats are probably inflated by editing and proofreading activities done by only a few people.

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