Board Meeting Minutes 2014-05-08

Date: 5/8/2014
Location: Tigard
Time: 7:04 pm
Presiding: Sue Ann
Quorum? Y


Officer Name Present
Steward: Sue Ann X
Secretary: Gyelle
Treasurer: Water Wizard X
Clerical Director: Arrhiannon X
Comm.Officer: Will X
Member at Large: Vergil

Acting Secretary: Arrhiannon (THANK YOU!)


  1. Welcome (by Steward)
  2. Director reports
    • Steward
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Clerical Director
    • Communications Director
  3. Business
    • Progress on alignment with ATC, CoG
    • Update on any initiation
    • Possible BOD retreat
    • Calendar Planning August-Sept or Oct
  4. Comments, concerns, complaints, and compliments! (For the good of the order)


  1. Welcome (by Steward)
  2. Minutes of the April meeting read and approved as posted.
  3. Director reports
    • Steward
      • Lovely ritual for Beltane in Salem.
      • The PACT Beltane was cancelled due to weather.
    • Treasurer
      • Balance in the checkbook is $1860.11, after
      • $50 payment to Oregon to renew incorporation papers
    • Secretary
      • Absent, no report
    • Clerical Director
      • Ordination class met and they have decided to ordain on Samhain at midnight. They will be working out the details over the next few months and will confirm what will happen, where, etc. There are three members who will ordain.
      • Memorial for Brigitta Iris Blessingwr will be Saturday, May 10 with site cleansing at 1 pm and memorial service at 2 pm. It will be in Picnic Shelter A near the cauldron, on Mt Tabor.
      • Arrhiannon met with Shawn Walker and went through the initial meeting. Shawn is excited about initiating.
    • Communications Director
      • The web site is progressing well and is now stable enough that its statistics begin to be meaningful. In April there were 280 visits with over 3,000 pages served. There is a written report showing more detail: hardcopy of this was handed out. These reports are easy to generate so expect to see something similar every month. However future reports may be more succinct; this is the first one and it has to serve as a baseline.
      • The web pages that see the most traffic are
        1. the calendar
        2. the minutes of the April meeting
        3. the announcement of the upcoming esbat
      • We hope to be able to get ownership of the old domain name,, and point it to the new site, which is The Treasurer will contact Cybrwulf for the needed password.
  4. Other Business
    • Progress on alignment with CoG (Will is handling this)
      • CoG has certain expectations and requirements of its members. Will requests a meeting with other Board members to discuss these requirements, and to be certain that he is representing Lyceum properly before he starts a dialog with CoG. He wants to be sure that he is using Lyceum language when talking with CoG, rather than the somewhat different definitions of certain words he brings in from his personal experience in the Craft.
      • A report on CoG’s expectations was attached to the Minutes of last month’s (April) Board meeting. A hardcopy handout was distributed at this meeting.
      • After discussion, it is agreed that contacting CoG can be postponed until after a Board of Directors retreat can be done.
      • However the point was raised that in order to avoid difficulties over differences in terminology like those recently experienced in public email exchanges, a meeting to discuss the terms we should use when talking about Lyceum needs to happen soon.
      • The following measures will be taken:
        • Work on alignment with CoG will be put aside for now.
        • Sue Ann will attempt to arrange a meeting of Board members before or after one of the Gresham Y&D classes, where we can have a dialogue about how Lyceum describes itself so it doesn’t necessarily include “coven” or “church”.
    • Update on any initiation
      • There have been no new petitions for initiation.
    • Possible BOD retreat
      • This subject was covered in the earlier discussion but is reported separately here for clarity.
      • A Board of Directors retreat might go further than the dialogs in developing terminology that Lyceum can use in describing itself.
      • A retreat is a place to discuss possible evolutionary changes in the Y&D classes.
      • A retreat would be a place to discuss the CoG material.
      • It is not practical to consider a retreat before Samhain: one or more of the Elders have work commitments that would make attendance impossible. A retreat should be done before the beginning of the next Y&D classes in the Yule season.
      • If we do a retreat at a resort, we would need to reserve suites early. Arrhiannon and Water Wizard will look into the Embarcadero in Newport
      • Planning for a retreat will be a continuing agenda item until it is completed.


  • MAY
    • 2: Beltane at Salem UU with CUUPs 6:00 potluck, 7:30 May Pole, 8:00 ritual)
    • 4: PACT Beltaine 12:00, ritual at 2:00 cancelled due to weather
    • 5: Meet & Greet at Powells Books
    • 8: Board of Directors, Tigard Whole Foods, 7pm – 8pm
    • 10: Brigitta’s memorial, Mt Tabor Park
    • 11: Salem Year and a Day class
    • 17: Esbat at Kelley Point Park, gather at 4:00pm, ritual at 6:00pm
      see this web page for more info
    • 31: Gresham Year and a Day class
  • JUNE
    • 2: Meet & Greet at Powells Books
    • 13: Salem CUUPS business meeting and potluck 6:30, ritual at 8:00
    • 14: Board of Directors with picnic lunch potluck, tentatively at Salem UUCS, 12:00
    • 14: Salem Year and a Day class at 3:00
    • 21: Summer Solstice at Sue Ann’s 6:00 potluck, ritual at 8:00
    • 28: Gresham Year and a Day class
  • JULY
    • 7: Meet & Greet at Powells Books
    • 10: Board of Directors, Tigard Whole Foods, 7pm – 8pm
    • 12: Esbat at Lyceum South 6:00 potluck, 8:00 ritual, following Oregon Country Fair
    • 19: Salem Year and a Day class
    • 26: Gresham Year and a Day class
    • 2: Lughnassah, Lyceum South 4:00 potluck, 6:00 ritual
    • 4: Meet and Greet at Powells
    • 7: Board of Directors, Tigard Whole Foods, 7pm – 8pm
    • 9: Salem Class
    • 10: Esbat at Boomer’s in Vancouver 3:00 gather, 6:00 ritual (tentative)
    • 23: Gresham class
    • 1: Meet n greet at Powell’s
    • 6 or 7: Harvest Moon esbat at Roz and Dustin’s (tentative)
    • 11: Board of Directors, Tigard Whole Foods, 7pm – 8pm
    • 13: Salem class— final class
    • 20: Mabon on Council Crest, gather at 6 ritual at 7, open to the public
    • 27: Gresham class— final class

Meeting adjourned at 8:11 pm.

Author: Will

I was born at a very young age but I am older than that now. As a young man I drove half a million miles in Boston taxis. Then I moved to Oregon and developed two careers as an RN over 28 years: the first as a clinical nurse mostly in ICU, then later in Nursing Service Administration as an Informatics RN (but before that term was coined). In between RN work, I picked up an ADSc Business Computer Programming and provided PC network installation, maintenance and repair for 10 years. I eased into retirement beginning in 2003 and was fully retired in 2010. But I have continued to develop and manage websites and my skills are current with HTTP/CSS, PHP, Apache, SQL, etc. I have a strong preference for Ubuntu Linux boxes and Dokuwiki websites. I have a strong dislike of WordPress, which, although it is technically very well done, has created one of the worst cesspool ecosystems I have ever encountered. Still it is sometimes the best tool for the job, more is the pity. I have followed pagan paths for 50 years and I have about 3 yards of bookshelves devoted to pagan thought and practice. I am a perfectly eclectic technopagan heavily influenced by Victor Anderson's Feri practice but comfortable with Gardner derivatives, Zennist ways, and totemic/shamanist practices. I have recently been made the Steward of the Lyceum Of Trees. So I am Will Steward, Steward. Make of that whatever you will.