Board Meeting Minutes 2014-06-14 – Communications Director Report

Web site report:


April, 2014 May, 2014
Unique Visitors 280 524
Number of Visits 444 925
Pages Served Out 3,026 3,632
Hits 5,745 5,483
Bandwidth Used 130.88 MB 111.66 MB
  1. The numbers show almost a doubling in the number of visitors, and a significant decrease in editing and other maintenance work that inflated the April “pages”, “hits”, and “bandwidth” numbers.
  2. All files of interest that are resident on the Yahoo lyceum_of_trees web site have now been copied into the Resources pages (1) on this web site. This was done to assure their preservation and to make them more readily accessible.
  3. Files in Lyceum2014 Yahoo group and similar Yahoo groups have NOT been copied.

May, 2014, is the second full month of good data on the web site’s performance. There have been about 80% more visitors than the previous month. There are only a dozen registered users as yet, and outside of my activity, there is very little web page authoring, editing, or commenting going on. From the first, growth was expected to be slow, and this is not a problem.

The amount of malicious attacks has decreased from the estimated 10% of activity in April to less than 2.5%. This was done by blacklisting known abusive ISPs that were initiating the contacts. None of the attacks have had any impact on service.

People are finding our site through Google, Bing, and Witchvox, and a couple from a link in a thread on Reddit (provided by one of Lyceum’s Elders). However the majority of traffic is from mentions in email, or bookmarks visitors had set up earlier.


The web site is doing well. There are a number of things on the To Do list that is maintained at the bottom of the Home Page (2) but none are seen as critical at this time.

Other Communications Activity

There has been no other activity in May.

(1) not yet copied from old site
(2) to-do list not yet copied from old site

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