Board Meeting Minutes 2014-07-25

Date: 07/25/14
Location: Tigard Whole Foods
Time: 7:00
Presiding: Sue Ann Nystrom
Quorum? Y


Officer Name Present
Steward: Sue Ann _x
Secretary: Gyelle _x
Treasurer: Water Wizard _x
Clerical Director: Arrhiannon _x
Comm.Officer: Will _x
Member at Large: Vergil _x

Others present (“V” after name indicates a voting member):

  • Shawn
  • Mark


Agenda was handed out at the beginning of the meeting.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting (approved or amended)Approved as posted
    • amendments
  2. Directors’s Reports:
    1. Steward:
      • Emailed Kanani, who is doing Pagan Pride. She sent the vendor packet, Sue Ann wrote back explaining that we are a community group.
      • Sue Ann and Will went to the Pagan picnic Sunday. Open Ways would like new contact info. Will gave her his info and Laurel will provide hers.
      • Email from PACT- re PACT University about classes he will be offering.
      • Library- Need to get the software to put the books on the website. Suggestion for Will to check out LibraryThing.
    2. Secretary:
      • I will be coordinating a craft fair in Oct if people want to vend they should contact me.
      • I have been asked by Dawnell and Daniel to officiate at their handfasting 8/31.
    3. Treasurer:
      • Bank Balance: $1639.82
      • Accounts receivable:
      • Accounts payable this period: Need to complete payment to Salem UU. Eastrose has been paid.
      • other items: Turned over Heart of Willamette treasury to new treasurer in March. She disappeared. In May they decided to close the US Bank acct. When he called the bank, the bank put a hold on our acct also causing the PO Box rental check to boune with a $30 fee. WW paid it, then US Bank said it was their mistake. The collection agency refuses to return it saying that we must collect it from the PO. Suggestion to go to the bank in person and appeal to their ethics. Consensus to drop it if the bank won’t reimburse it.
    4. Clerical Director
      • Jennifer and Alicia Havens have submiitted a letter of intent to initiate at Yule. They come to events as they can. Arrhiannon is their mentor. Their predominent practice is Buddist. Application approved.
      • No one has responded to Dawnell’s request for initiation. Arrhiannon will talk to her. Gyelle spoke to Daniel who responded very well. WW also spoke to him about similar issues with HofWP, he responded appropriately to that also.
      • Reserved 4th Saturday of each month starting in January 2015 at UUCS. Will be meeting with Eastrose this Saturday for 2nd Saturdays.
      • Shawn has requested to initiate on Oct 25th- the new moon and solar eclipse. She may also be croning at that time.
      • Arrhiannon will be doing the August 31st service at Eastrose.
    5. Communications Director
      • Website numbers for June are the same as May- reasonable amount of activity. Calendar is most attractive feature. Need more photos. A written report is here: communicationsdirectorreportjul2014
      • Need to discuss who we will lend books to once the library is up on the website.
  3. Other reports
    • No other reports.

Other Business

  1. Board retreat- At the Embarcadero in Newport, 2/ 2 br units with full kitchen. Cost $40, reimbursement has been authorized. 11/21-23/14. Thanks A&WW


  1. Aug and Sept as posted previously on website.
    1. Reminder that the BOD meetings are now 4th Fridays.
    2. Gyelle will coordinate with Boomer re esbat on the 10th.
    3. August is last classes, then the classes will write their rituals, graduation in Oct TBA
    4. Sept esbat 9/6 4:00 potluck, 6:00 ritual.
    5. Sunday 21 Grove Tor Bjorn has invited Lyceum to join them and their students for a divination round table.
  2. Oct-
    1. 6: Meet & Greet
    2. 11: UUCS Harvest Service, ritual and potluck 6:00 lead by Arrhiannon. Incorporate our esbat with that celebration.
    3. We need to contact ordination group about whether their ordination 10/31 is open. Arrhiannon will contact them.
    4. 10/24 BOD
  3. Nov
    1. 1: Samhain Potluck 6,ritual 8:00
    2. 3: M&G
    3. 8: Esbat at Lyceum South 6 potluck, ritual 8:00
    4. 21-23: BOD Retreat (21 – 23) and Board Meeting, 4:00 on 22nd. Embarcadero, Newport, OR

Author: Will

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