Board Meeting Minutes 2015-01-23

Date: 1/23/2015
Location: Tualatin New Seasons
Time: 7:00
Presiding: Gyelle
Quorum? Y


Officer Name Present
Steward: Sue Ann no
Secretary: Gyelle x
Treasurer: Water Wizard x
Clerical Director: Arrhiannon x
Comm.Officer: Will x
Member at Large: Vergil x

Others present (“V” after name indicates a voting member):

  • Shawn- v
  • Michele- v
  • Boomer- v

Reports and Old Business

  1. Minutes of the last meeting (approved or amended)
    • amendments: Stephanie will initiate at Imbolc
    • Minutes accepted as ammended
  2. Directors’s Reports:
    1. Steward: No report; absent with illness
    2. Secretary: Minutes accepted as posted except that Stephanie will initiate at ImbolC.
    3. Treasurer: no activity
      • Bank Balance: $1444.82
      • Accounts Payable: None at present
      • Accounts Receivable: Dues owed by last ordination group members
    4. Clerical Director:
      • Gresham class started with 5 people. No one paid any fees.
      • Yahoo group will be created once the class confirms.
      • Class starts in Salem tomorrow, there had been much interest.
      • Divination class has moved to September and schedule has been shifted accordingly. Schedule changes will be presented to Salem tomorrow, and Gresham at the Feb 7 class
      • Note for next series- combining classes 1 and 2 felt too rushed.
      • item Gresham class in February is 1st Saturday.
      • February 14th will be a 1 Billion Rising event to protest violence against women. Shawn will post information to the yahoo group and Facebook and send info to Will For the website.
    5. Communications Director:
      • many changes on the website. Will handed out reports which will be attached to the minutes. (link)
      • Arrhiannon mentioned that some potential students expressed problems accessing info on the website. Will will attempt to meet with them tomorrow and identify and fix the problem(s).
      • Working on establishing a mailing list. We will see how the Board list works before thinking about moving the main group.
    6. Other reports
      • 1st report Boomer reported On a preliminary meeting of the upcoming Ordination class. They have agreed to meet monthly until the official start at Ostara. They are meeting at Boomer’s on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Damianna met with them and has agreed to help them.

New Business

  1. Shawn brought forward Earth 411, an event occurring in Salem April 11th 10-4:00. It is being created by River of Straub Center. It willbe a full festival including workshops and lectures. Shawn, Maya, Moon Dancer, Valerie, and River have formed a group named Sisters of the New Moon that will provide information on Pagan groups and will be selling crests as a fund raiser. This is the 1st Earth Day event in Salem in 25 years.
  2. Heart of Willamette Pagans is disbanding. They accomplished their objectives of helping to build the Salem Pagan community and hosting 2 Pagan Pride Days. Salem UU has become a great supporter of the community. A number of Pagan related groups have formed as a result of this effort.
  3. The Salem CUUPS group has stepped up to take over the Witches of Salem Meet Up group and renamed it CUUPS Pagan Meet and Greet.
  4. Discussion of making a donation to help Heart of Willamette Pagans retire their debt. Decision will be pended until after the fundraising of 4/11. Requested a report on the state of affairs of HOWP To help us make that decision. Discussion of the money currently in limbo in the account from Majickal Winter Weekend. MWW loaned HOWP $300. Since 1/2 of the $ remaining in the MWW account is Lyceum’s it was suggested that we forgive our half of the loan. We will discuss this with OWOW before we make any decision.
  5. Elections:
    • We need to put out a call for volunteers for election of Clerical Director and Secretary. Arrhiannon is stepping down as Clerical Director. Gyelle is stepping down as Secretary. Gyelle will post the call for volunteers.


DoW Mo Day Time Event
Sun Feb 1 12:00 Imbolc.
Gather at noon
Annual Meeting at 1:00pm
Ritual at 3:00pm
at Lewisville County Park
Mon Feb 2 19:30 Lyceum Meet & Greet at Powells
Tue Feb 3 15:09 Full moon
Sat Feb 7 15:00 Gresham Year and a Day
Sat Feb 14 One Billion Rising events
Wed Feb 18 15:47 New moon
Fri Feb 27 19:00 Lyceum Board Meeting
Sat Feb 28 15:00 Salem Year and a Day
Mon Mar 2 19:30 Lyceum Meet & Greet at Powells
Thu Mar 5 10:06 Full moon
Sat Mar 14 15:00 Gresham Year and a Day
Fri Mar 20 02:36 New moon
Sat Mar 21 Pagan Fair Weekend
Sun Mar 22 Pagan Fair Weekend
Sun Mar 22 14:00 Ostara at Lyceum South
Fri Mar 27 19:00 Lyceum Board Meeting
Sat Mar 28 15:00 Salem Year and a Day
Sat Apr 4 05:06 Full moon
Mon Apr 6 19:30 Lyceum Meet & Greet at Powells
Sat Apr 11 15:00 Gresham Year and a Day
Sat Apr 11 Salem Earth 411 event
Sat Apr 18 11:57 New moon
Fri Apr 24 19:00 Lyceum Board Meeting
Sat Apr 25 15:00 Salem Year and a Day

Author: Will

I was born at a very young age but I am older than that now. As a young man I drove half a million miles in Boston taxis. Then I moved to Oregon and developed two careers as an RN over 28 years: the first as a clinical nurse mostly in ICU, then later in Nursing Service Administration as an Informatics RN (but before that term was coined). In between RN work, I picked up an ADSc Business Computer Programming and provided PC network installation, maintenance and repair for 10 years. I eased into retirement beginning in 2003 and was fully retired in 2010. But I have continued to develop and manage websites and my skills are current with HTTP/CSS, PHP, Apache, SQL, etc. I have a strong preference for Ubuntu Linux boxes and Dokuwiki websites. I have a strong dislike of WordPress, which, although it is technically very well done, has created one of the worst cesspool ecosystems I have ever encountered. Still it is sometimes the best tool for the job, more is the pity. I have followed pagan paths for 50 years and I have about 3 yards of bookshelves devoted to pagan thought and practice. I am a perfectly eclectic technopagan heavily influenced by Victor Anderson's Feri practice but comfortable with Gardner derivatives, Zennist ways, and totemic/shamanist practices. I have recently been made the Steward of the Lyceum Of Trees. So I am Will Steward, Steward. Make of that whatever you will.