Board Meeting Minutes 2015-04-23

Date: 4/23/15
Location: Whole Foods, Tigard
Time: 7:30pm
Presiding: Sue Ann
Quorum? Y


Officer Name Present
Steward: Sue Ann Y
Secretary: Shawn N (1)
Treasurer: Water Wizard Y
Clerical Director: Gyelle *
Comm.Officer: Will Y
Member at Large: Vergil *
Member at Large: Joy *

* Gyelle, Vergil, and Joy participated by speaker phone.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting are approved as written
  2. Directors’s Reports:
    1. Steward:
      • Nothing to report
    2. Secretary:
      • Absent
    3. Treasurer:
      • Bank Balance: $2,440.95
      • Donation of $240.00 to Eastrose Fellowship has been made, as discussed in earlier Board meetings
      • Corporation fees of $50 for current year paid
      • Post Office Box fee of $45 is due in June
      • Classroom space rentals:
        1. $120 has been paid to Eastrose for 2015 rent. $240 is owed.
        2. The full $360 is owed to Salem UUC.
      • HOWP & OWOW transactions:
        1. Background: as discussed in several prior meetings but not documented until now, Lyceum’s Treasurer is a corporate officer in HOWP (2) and a personal guarrantor of HoWP’s line of credit. Thus Lyceum has a direct interest in assisting HOWP in gracefully shutting down.
        2. Lyceum is holding $165.70 that is owed to OWOW (3) from HOWP. (Lyceum is acting as a middleman to allow HOWP to more cleanly wind down its operations.)
        3. A check for $165.70 will be sent to OWOW to clear this debt.
        4. HOWP’s credit card debt is around $400. When this is satisfied, HOWP will dissolve itself. HOWP is doing fund-raising activities to meet this debt.
        5. Lyceum has decided in prior BoD meetings to make a contribution to HOWP once HOWP’s fund-raising activities are done and its remaining debt can be determined.
    4. Clerical Director
      • Classes are going well.
    5. Communications Director
      • The web site is doing well. A written report is attached.
      • The effort to find a better way to handle Lyceum mailing lists has stalled, due mostly to interference from other activities. The target date for completing the research and experimentation is pushed back to Litha, at the earliest.
  3. New business
    • As discussed above, a donation of $34.70 will be made to HOWP to clear its debt with OWOW. As determined earlier, Lyceum will make a further donation to HOWP of an amount to be decided later (also discussed above).
    • Policy of discretion
      1. Treasurer reports that his personal life has been complicated by a member of the Board who talked to persons outside of the Board and outside of Lyceum about some Board discussions about possible donations Lyceum might make. This put the Treasurer in the awkward position of having to refuse to answer questions that should never have been asked.
      2. Also mentioned is that a need for discretion is critical when acceptance of applicants for the coursework or initiation, etc, are discussed.
      3. The consensus of the Board is that no Board member shall talk to anyone other than Board members about the Board’s internal discussions. In brief: “What happens in the Board stays within the Board”
    • The Board meetings will be on the 4th Friday of each month, at 7:30 pm, at the Tualitin New Seasons Market, 7703 SW Nyberg Street, Tualatin, OR 97062. The corrections have been made on the Google calendar and the main Yahoo mailing list.


Ritual Date Location Time
Beltane / Full Moon Sat., May 2nd Sue-Ann’s Crafting May Crowns 3:00pm,
May Pole 5:00pm,
Ritual 6:00pm
Full Moon Esbat Sat., May 30th Candescent’s 6:00 gather for potluck, 8:00 ritual
Litha Sat., June 20th Joy TBA
Full Moon Esbat Sat., June 27th In Salem – TBA TBA
Lughnasadh / Full Moon Esbat Sun., August 2nd Boomer/Michelle TBA
Full Moon Esbat Sat., August 29th Mark TBA
Mabon Sat., Sept. 19th Council Crest – Sisters of the New Moon? TBA
Full Moon Esbat Sat., Sept. 26th Public? – Salem TBA
Full Moon Esbat Sun., Oct. 25th Damianna TBA
Samhain Sat., Oct. 31st Sue-Ann TBA
Full Moon Esbat Sun. Nov. 22nd Joy TBA
Yule Sat. Dec. 19th Gyelle TBA
Full Moon Esbat Fri. Dec. 25th At Sam’s? Ritual: Vergil/Candescent TBA

(1) unable to attend on Thu evenings due to a conflict with her teaching schedule.
(2) Heart of Willamette Pagans
(3) Other Worlds Of Wonder

Author: Will

I was born at a very young age but I am older than that now. As a young man I drove half a million miles in Boston taxis. Then I moved to Oregon and developed two careers as an RN over 28 years: the first as a clinical nurse mostly in ICU, then later in Nursing Service Administration as an Informatics RN (but before that term was coined). In between RN work, I picked up an ADSc Business Computer Programming and provided PC network installation, maintenance and repair for 10 years. I eased into retirement beginning in 2003 and was fully retired in 2010. But I have continued to develop and manage websites and my skills are current with HTTP/CSS, PHP, Apache, SQL, etc. I have a strong preference for Ubuntu Linux boxes and Dokuwiki websites. I have a strong dislike of WordPress, which, although it is technically very well done, has created one of the worst cesspool ecosystems I have ever encountered. Still it is sometimes the best tool for the job, more is the pity. I have followed pagan paths for 50 years and I have about 3 yards of bookshelves devoted to pagan thought and practice. I am a perfectly eclectic technopagan heavily influenced by Victor Anderson's Feri practice but comfortable with Gardner derivatives, Zennist ways, and totemic/shamanist practices. I have recently been made the Steward of the Lyceum Of Trees. So I am Will Steward, Steward. Make of that whatever you will.