Board Meeting Minutes 2016-02-15

Lyceum of Trees Board Minutes
February 15th, 2016

Present: Arrhiannon, Water Wizard, Vergil, Gyelle, Michelle, Deerdre, Chris, Mark, Candescent

Steward’s Report:
Hope we have a nice and smooth this year.

Treasurer’s Report:
$1394.70 in the bank. 11 people paid dues, $260 total with $40 in back dues paid.
Upcoming expenses include $50 for taxes and $40 for the PO Box.
For the graduating YaaD class, all paid except 1. Water Wizard has talked to him and recommends a scholarship for him. After discussion, it was passed by consensus. However, we need him to ask for it. Gyelle will speak with him.

Clerical Director’s Report:
There was a productive education meeting after Imbolc.
The Ordination group will be helping to run classes. They will have a dry run before the class they will be teaching at.
There will be a meditation or energy work at each class plus something introduced about ritual. Others/Initiates (inner circle) can also co-teach classes. The next class will also include a class on gems. Inge was recommended for an expert.
Announcements for the new YaaD classes are being sent to email lists and many other places as well.

Communications Team:
The communications team reported that Lyceum of Trees currently has two yahoo groups, a Facebook group, a wiki and google plus. Their goal is to transfer all of these to one site that will have easier accessibility and a user-friendly format that that anyone on the board can access.
Will still needs to release the current wiki for the list serve to be used. Michelle will contact Will about the DNS and further access to the current site.
One option Michelle is exploring is Word Press which also has an email plug-in. The goal is to have a hosting domain that Lyceum of Trees owns, so there can be continuity going forward.
Michelle also brought up the issue of Lyceum of Trees having a logo. While there have been several in the past, she will investigate choosing one to use going forward.
Vergil will investigate what the options for non-profits Word Press has.
[Correction 3/8/2016: Vergil suggested 2 free security certificate resources.]
Deedre is working on getting the email lists going.

Secretary’s Report: No report.

Old Business

The festival is scheduled for March 19th, which is a Saturday. Gyelle will get in touch with them about their application fees, so we can have a table there. We will need brochures and possibly business cards.

Calendar of Events:
If someone is wanting to do the 4/23 esbat or any ritual that is not yet spoken for, please email, so we can get it on the calendar.

New Business

Recommendation for Steward Past:
It would be nice to be able to offer a new steward some guidance and support from the previous steward. Therefore, it was suggested that Steward Past be made a new board position. After discussion, this was agreed on by consensus and will be brought up at the next Annual Meeting for ratification.

Lyceum Stuff:
There are old supplies from a variety of Lyceum events: 12 glass pumpkins; black plastic ware; tablecloths; Halloween, matching, board, and kids games. We’re need to winnow down these supplies, but first need to inventory them.

Author: Will

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