Board Meeting Minutes 2016-04-12

Location: New Seasons, Tualitan

Mark, Michelle, Arrhiannon, Waterwizard in attendance

Arrhiannon set the circle. No newcomers to welcome. Michelle took meeting minutes.

Steward’s report:

Handed out Eugene Pagan Pride information.

No notes for March meeting.

Treasurers report:

Balance in bank $1,238.76

Incorporation registration paid. Food expense and $120 for space at UU. Next class in Salem, $120 will be paid for that location. Only expenses coming up are food expenses for class and PO box.

Deposited $80 collected from annual dues.

We have a new debit card with a chip.

Clerical Director not present.

Communications Team report:

Deedra not present but requests everyone look at google calendar and delete things not needed as she’s having a hard time merging calendars.

We discussed and decided Deedra should choose a calendar and we’ll all use it from here on out. We don’t need multiples.

Michelle reports website is nearly ready to go live. Demonstrated how to post on new site once it’s live. We’ll add students and elders first and do a “soft opening” of the website.

New Business:

Eugene Pagan Pride – lots of areas people can participate in. Free space inside stone pavilion. There will be an Alter contest and treasure hunt we can contribute quest items to. There are displays that can be worked on or we can be a sponsor, which would give us some advertising. Arrhiannon asked if we can be ready with an ad by July 27th, and Michelle responded that it’s doable to prepare a half page ad by then. To be able to hang a banner at the event, get the half page ad and a link on their website for a year, they’re asking sponsorship of $200. Arrhiannon will run it by the remaining board members.

Esbat in Salem on 4/23 at 6pm to gather, 730 for ritual. It will be held outside if the weather is nice.

5/1 Beltane potluck is at noon, 1 for ritual at Joy’s. in Vancouver.

We have been invited to PACT coven.  Potluck at noon, maypole at 2.
Salem CUPS will initiate a sacred space on Beltane, with a Maypole. Gather at 7:00 with ritual at 7:30.Shawn is not able to continue with Secretary responsibilities. Deedra can take on the role. We’ll discuss it further next meeting.

Next meeting is May 10.

Author: miahawk

Communications Director, YaD class of 2015-2016.