Board Meeting Minutes 2016-06-14

Opening & Welcome

Opened at 19:23, with
Gyelle, Arrhiannon, Water Wizard, Bastra, and Candescent attending.
Chris took notes for Bastra.

Steward’s report:

Paperwork has been completed and sent to Eugene Pagan Pride.
Michelle wasn’t here to discuss the web ad.
We may have an altar display, but we won’t be participating in the contest.
Their website has more information:
None of the ordination group is able to attend.

Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network: July 31 to August 6 at UUCS.
We’ll volunteer in some capacity. We also get a nice discount on rental at UUCS.
Gyelle volunteers to host dinner on August 2nd.
Bastra and Chris volunteer to stay overnight on August 2nd.

Classes are doing fine. There are three paying people in Gresham
and 6 paying people in Salem. The cost of rental is covered in both places.

Treasurer’s report:

We have $1685.79. We paid $200 to sponsorship at Eugene Pagan Pride.
That’s all that has happened other than buying food for classes.

Clerical Director’s report:

Gyelle will be performing a wedding on the 20th.
She mentioned that there were no new people at Powell’s lately.

Communications Team report:

No news. We briefly discussed the “soft opening” for the website,
which is open for Year and a Day course participants.

At Large:

No news.

Old Business:

Ordination group teaching classes?

Boomer and Michelle are each teaching half a class in September.
Each will teach one part for both classes.
Sue Anne will be teaching ritual tools. Joy will be teaching ethics.

Calendar of events: have all the slots been filled?

Summer Solstice and full moon ritual at Kinship house at Eastrose.
Gather at 11:00 AM, with ritual at 12:00 PM on June 18.

Summer Solstice for Salem after class on 6/25.
Gather at 07:00 PM, ritual at 08:00 PM.

July esbat at Mark’s.
Gathering and pot luck starts at 07:00 PM.

The Lughnassa ritual will be held at Arrhiannon and Water Wizard’s house, on Sunday, July 31. Gather at 06:00 PM with ritual at 07:30 PM.

Mabon will be done by the ordination group.

Winter solstice 12/22 at 7 PM.

New Business:

Columbia Willamette Pagan Pride?

This will be held on September 17th or 18th.
We’ll decide what we might want to do at the next meeting.
Gyelle will get in contact with the organizer.

Gyelle discussed that she, Vergil, and (possibly? Joy) could work the
table at Eugene Pagan Pride.
Gyelle will be taking care of the altar as well.


Closed at 20:12.

Author: miahawk

Communications Director, YaD class of 2015-2016.