Board Meeting Minutes 2016-07-12

Opening & Welcome

Present: Arrhiannon, Water Wizard, Bastra, Michelle and Mark.

Steward’s report:

Finalized ad choice for Pagan Pride. Consensus was the top and bottom border are a good addition. Michelle will contact Joy Dances to confirm ad size, submit ad and make business card sized ad for website. Ad is due by July 27th.

Treasurer’s Report:

Nothing new to report. Bank balance is still $1,685.79.
Post Office box may be due soon.

Clerical Director’s Report:

Not present.

Communications Report:

Arrhiannon will try to get Yahoo! email list members for Bastra.
Michelle and Bastra don’t know if there will be future costs for upgrade but will know in a few weeks.
Arrhiannon will make Michelle a Facebook administrator so that Michelle can change page URL.
Michelle will show Arrhiannon how to use the Google calendar.

Old Business:

Full Moon gathering will be on July 16th at Mark’s house. Potluck at 5:30, ritual at 7pm. Mark suggested that people bring chairs.

Lughnassah at Arrhiannon and Water Wizard’s house on July 31st. Potluck dinner at 4pm and ritual at 6pm.

August 2nd at UCS in Salem, Lyceum is hosting a dinner for Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network. This is a volunteer activity that Lyceum does for UCS in exchange for generous rental rates for our classes.

Author: miahawk

Communications Director, YaD class of 2015-2016.