Lyceum Book of Days

It makes sense to call this part of the web site a “book of shadows”, since that phrase is recognized throughout the pagan communities and these web pages are going to see a lot of traffic from outside our group. But our Book of Days is more in keeping with the spirit of Lyceum as nurtured by the Elders. In the titling of this section, the needs of non-members using Internet searches and inquiries are of more immediate importance than the more “correct” phrase. Those who choose to work with or join with Lyceum will soon enough learn that we are more about daylight than about shadows.

The Book of Days is in several sections:

Rituals: The ritual wordings and instructions for esbats, sabbats, and passages. This would be a growing resource when composing new rituals.
“Pieces of Rite”: a collection of poetry, invocations, descriptions of regalia, etc that could be useful in constructing rituals.
Chants: Chants and songs
Lore: an eclectic selection.