About our Courses

Year and a Day

The Year and a Day class offers an eclectic and unbiased overview of the various Traditions of contemporary witchcraft and neopagan practices. The focus is on common elements and themes among as well as differences between various Earth-based spiritualities. The study is oriented toward the needs of those who are early in their explorations of pagan spirituality, but may have value to anyone who is looking for a global view of these modern versions of ancient practices.

While completing the Year and a Day course is a prerequisite of initiation into Lyceum, initiation is not the intended outcome for students who complete Year and a Day. The intended outcome is to provide students with knowledge, confidence, and resources to follow their chosen path. Lyceum’s focus is on teaching. Most of those who complete the Year and a Day class find other groups that better fit their personal spiritual paths, and that is not only OK, it’s good!

The Year and a Day class meets monthly. Each session is 3 hours long and presented by a panel in a seminar format. There is a one-time fee (TBD) for the course, due by the third class (meaning you can feel free to attend the first two classes with no obligation to continue). The class fee covers rent for the meeting place and materials. The instructors donate their time and travel costs.

Our next Year and a Day class will begin in the Spring of 2018. Use our contact form to get in touch with our Education Director for enrollment information.

Ordination Studies

Each Ordination Study Group spends at least three years learning how to minister within the context of Earth-based spiritualities. Entry into this advanced study requires completion of the Year and a Day course, initiation into Lyceum of Trees, and maintaining a dues-paying membership in Lyceum ($20/yr). This is a three year course. The anticipated result is a new member of the pagan clergy who has same kind of competencies and skills as the priests, ministers, and rabbis of mainstream Christian and Jewish faiths.

For more information on ordination studies, use our contact form to get in touch with our Clerical Director.