About our Courses

The Year and a Day class offers an eclectic and unbiased overview of the various Traditions of contemporary witchcraft and neopagan practices. The focus is on common elements and themes among the Earth-based spiritualities. The study is oriented toward the needs of those who are early in their explorations of pagan spirituality, but may have value to anyone who is looking for a global view of these modern versions of ancient practices.

While completing the Year and a Day course is a prerequisite of initiation into Lyceum, there is no expectation of that happening. Lyceum’s focus is on teaching. Most of those who complete the Year and a Day class find other groups that better fit their personal spiritual paths.

The Ordination Study Group uses an eclectic approach to learning how to minister within the context of Earth-based spiritualities. Entry into this advanced study requires completion of the Year and a Day course, initiation into Lyceum of Trees, and maintaining a dues-paying membership in Lyceum ($20/yr). This is a three year course. The anticipated result is a new member of the pagan clergy who has same kind of competencies and skills as the priests, ministers, and rabbis of mainstream Christian and Jewish faiths.