There are four elders who form the core of the coordination and collaboration for Lyceum of trees. However we incorporate other initiated members.

We also have a guest instructor for our Divination class, Katherine Livick, who is a long-time Lyceum member and has extensive experience in using divination.

Some of the classes may be led by members of the Ordination series, and there may be graduates of the Lyceum who may help to lead classes.

The Elders include:


I have been a practicing eclectic pagan for over 18 years, although I have shared the pagan view for as long as I can remember. I have been a member of Lyceum of Trees since 2001 and initiated into the group in 2002. I have served on the Board of Directors for several years. I became an Ordained Minister in 2006. I have been a professional educator for over 30 years. I am happily married to WW and we have created many wonderful lifetimes together and many more yet to be. We have four children and five grandchildren.

I an an active, eclectic, solitary practitioner andmy focus is the Celtic pantheon, especially of ancient Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. I have a personal connection with the goddesses Arianrhod and Rhiannon.


I was raised Methodist and chose to be baptized when I was 17. I have never recanted my baptism and do believe Jesus was who he said he was, just not necessarily who his followers say he was. I have long understood that all of the major prophets espoused the same truths, just the social mores changed. This view got me dis-invited to join my church choir, though the minister said he would pray for me. I became a Baha’i at 19 and have great respect for the teachings of Baha’ullah who was the latest of the Abrahamic prophets. Since that time I have continued my studies and have come to believe I am a Devout, Eclectic, Non-Exclusivist. I believe there are many paths that all lead to the same source.

I helped to found Lyceum of Trees in 2000 for the purpose of study and celebration with like minded people, and to fill a hole in what we perceived in the local community. We realized there was nowhere in the Portland area to get basic Pagan training without committing to a specific tradition. Lyceum continues to offer entry level classes to help people get enough information to make informed choices. With great joy, I was ordained in 2006 after 31/2 years of study. I love rituals and life transitions, and am happy to facilitate whenever asked. Death midwifing is a current area of study.

I am married quite happily to Vergil. We have four grandchildren the we delight in. We live in Vancouver at Salmon Manor.


Laughing Vergil is a computer geek by trade, and has been practicing paganism in some form or another for over 22 years. Before this, he was a practicing Agnostic, and was internationally recognized as a an agnostic high mucketymuck of the highest degree.

Vergil was one of the co-founders of the Lyceum of Trees, and is an ordained minister (Title: Little Old Man) in the Lyceum. At heart, Vergil is still a youth, but his looks betray him in his attempts to pull that off. Currently, he is a practicing Relaxed Agnostic Pagan and a Stealth Discordian, living happily with his partner, Gyelle. They reside together at Salmon Manor in Vancouver, WA.


WaterWizard has been playing with water in one form or another for many lifetimes. He believes we create the universe as we go along. He has partnered with Arrhiannon for over 38 years and looks forward to at least 38 more. He has been a pagan for about 20 minutes, only because he did not understand the meaning of that… or does he? He has heard of one myth about someone walking on water, can you believe that! He is perpetually working on a cat-fur repelling ritual, which he has yet to perfect… ahhh… ahhh… choo! He is not a hippie and never lived in a commune.

He and Arrhiannon reside in the Salem area and have created a “Lyceum South” branch of the organization.