The Year and a Day Class

Summary: This class is designed to give students a broad understanding and thorough introduction to modern paganism and the practice of what is commonly called “magick”.

Intent: It is our goal that upon completion of this class, the students will: be informed enough to be able to incorporate spirituality into their daily lives; evaluate a variety of spiritual paths to determine which— if any— appeals most to them, individually; to be proficient in the most common magickal practices; and to be at least familiar with several others.



The course is based on guided discussion. The synergy of the group is what makes this a richer experience than reading and studying on your own, so your participation is vital to the experience of the whole group. The leaders have dedicated more than ten years to guiding and teaching introductory courses classes in paganism and are ordained ministers. This does not make us “experts”; we bring our experiences to add to the classes. In addition, we may incorporate other non-ordained initiated members of the Lyceum of Trees or members from other pagan organizations to assist in leading the discussions for classes.

If you need to miss a class, please attempt to attend that session with the other group (classes in Gresham and Salem will have parallel schedules). If you cannot attend the other session, you are responsible for arranging a make up session with the instructors. Divination has a guest instructor and cannot be made up.

The cost for the series is $120.00. Even if you miss a class, the cost is for the series and you are expected to pay in full before the start of the third class, or that arrangements have been made to assure that the series is paid in full.

Please make every effort to attend every class. If you are unable to maintain the commitment at this time, you are welcome to drop out and resume next year. Life happens. Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis with the decision from the Lyceum Board of Directors. However, if you plan to complete the series, it is important to note that the cost is per series, not per class attended.

You are required to attend at least one Lyceum of Trees group or public ritual. This will help deepen understanding of how Lyceum operates and offer time to socialize with other members of Lyceum of Trees.

In order to initiate with Lyceum of Trees, if that is your goal in taking these classes, you must attend all sessions or make up any missed session. Talk to one of the elders about what that entails and, especially if you wish to go to the next level, discuss what that may mean for you, the individual.

You will be given assignments at the end of most classes. They may be exercises to do and journal about, or written assignments to be brought to the next class. These assignments will greatly enhance your experience and understanding. As such, homework is expected to be completed and there is time allotted in every class for sharing from the assignments.

You will need something to take notes on and/or keep hand-outs in. Not required, but recommended, would be a journal. It can be anything from a full bound book, a spiral bound notebook, a three-ring binder, an electronic tablet, or computer storage, as long as you have one consistent place to put your thoughts and feelings and your assignments. Except for your statement of belief, all homework may be done in your journal.

These are the topics and skills that will be covered over the course of the series. However, the exact content may be determined by the group and the exact order may change. The homework assignments are general and may change, as well, depending on the class. Please do not complete any homework assignments until the class discussion relating to that topic has been completed. In some instances there are preparatory work for the next class.

There may be repeated subjects, such as energy working and meditation, in order to start slowly with basic skills and move onward toward more complicated and/or in depth techniques as skills progress. In addition to this, topics that require less coverage or are purely informational will also be covered in each class session.

Each class is dependent on your participation and your willingness to be open with questions, with your personal experiences, and with your opinions. There is no one, true, or final answer. This series depends on the participants to discuss and investigate, explore, and experiment. Silence should be rare.

Because we base our classes on experience and discussion, no two are ever the same. That is why your attendance is so very important and your commitment is vital. If you miss two classes in a row, we will probably call to see what is going on. If you miss three classes in a row, we will probably assume you are dropping out and we will try to call to ascertain that. If you decide you cannot continue, please let us know.