The Year and a Day 2015 Student Wiki

This area of the website is only accessible to YaD students enrolled in the 2015 class and the class instructors. Others will see a “Permission Denied” page. This is done for several reasons. Two worth mentioning here are

  1. Copyright issues: some of the material available here may be under copyright. It is available to you in the same way that hardcopy handouts can be given to students in the classroom through “fair use” provisions, or through the “proprietary secrets” provisions of business law, that permit a business to have a private library. Please respect this and refrain from making any of these materials public.
  2. This is an area where you and your classmates can discuss things amongst yourselves, or collaborate on projects, or share notes, or whatever. There is a reasonable expectation of privacy here. Meaning that outside of a criminal breach of the hosting software, your material is invisible to anyone but others in your group.

The technical name for the group of you who can see this part of the web site is “YaD2015ers”. You will see this from time to time; it is the wiki engine’s way of identifying the students of the current Year and a Day classes.

The sections below will be expanded in the fullness of time.


This is the electronic version of the syllabus as has been handed out in the first class. These are in the public part of this web site and the horizontal menus at the top and bottom of each page are set to locations in the public part. The best way to return to this page is to use the “YaD 2015ers Only” item on the main menu (in the left margin).

  1. The introductory page. The general description of the class. This is unlikely to ever change. You might quote from this if you ever need to explain to someone what this class is all about.
  2. The schedule of classes. This is kept current, as changes happen.
  3. On books and resources. This might see rare updates.

Class Handouts

  1. Handouts for the 1st class, Jan 10 (Gresham) and 24 (Salem)
  2. Handouts for the 2nd class, Meditation / Energy Work I, Feb 07 (Gresham) and 28 (Salem)
  3. Handouts for the 3rd class, Elements & Associations / Energy Work II, Mar 14 (Gresham) and 28 (Salem)
  4. Handouts for the 4th class, Mystery, Mythology, & Deity, Apr 11 (gresham) and 25 (Salem)
  5. The Troll Article, September?


  1. Feedback for the instructors on the course. Anything you enter here will be seen by the instructors. We like feedback, it really helps.
  2. Feedback for the webmaster on any problems with the web site. There are several known issues: the registration and login has acres of room for improvement, some of the navigation is confusing. Etc. I promise no quick fixes, but I will prioritize partly by the principle of the squeaky wheel (but also on the principle of low hanging fruit). So please complain when you find a glitch; that will help me know where to focus my effort.

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