YaD Syllabus for 2015

Gresham class meets at the Eastrose Fellowship Unitarian, 1133 NE 181st Ave, Portland, on the second Saturday of each month, from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

Salem class meets at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem, Center Street NE, Salem, on the fourth Saturday of each month, from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

Due to conflicts with other events, meetings are occasionally moved from their customary dates.

Class # Gresham Date Salem Date Subject(s)
1 1/10 1/24 Paganism Unveiled
Paganism Every Day: Conscious ChoiceHomework:
1) Write your statement of belief (1) and
2) examine the choices you make in everyday life and how that aligns with your spiritual beliefs.
2 2/7 (2) 2/28 Meditation
Energy Work IHomework:
1) Practice a meditation technique.
2) How does energy affect you?
3 3/14 3/28 Elements & Associations
Energy Work IIHomework:
1) Find something that affects, emits, grounds, focuses, or purifies your energy and describe how it feels, how it energizes you, and how you respond to the energies. Connect to the elements and find an association that connects with you.
2) Write a description of your concept of deity.
4 4/11 4/25 Mythology, Mystery, and Deity

1) Research and report on a myth in a pantheon that interests you or that you want to explore in more depth.
2) When does the year start for you and why? Describe your daily spiritual work.

5 5/9 5/23 Wheel of the Year & Passages
Magick & Worship in Everyday LifeHomework:
1) Add a daily practice to your usual routine this month and
2) describe a celebration of a life passage. It can be one you wish you had celebrated when it happened or one you would like to celebrate in the future.
6 6/13 6/27 Herbology & Incense

1) Use your incense in the next month.
2) Bring any divination tools you have to explore and share.

7 7/11 7/25 Pagan Ethics & Spellwork

1) Think of a situation where you might use a spell. Design an ethical way to achieve your goal. Note the ethical decisions you used in designing the spell.
2) Bring a ritual tool, if you have one, for show and tell.

8 8/8 8/22 Ritual Tools
Chants, Dance, & TranceHomework:
1) Write a simple chant or song to share in class.
2) Think about an element of ritual that would be important for you to include in your graduation.
9 9/12 9/26 Divination
Note: this is a guest instructor and cannot be made up outside of the series.Homework:
1) Use at least two new divination techniques and
2) write a report on its results.
10 10/10 10/24 Ritual Planning & Writing
Conducting ritualsHomework:
1) Write or perform a simple ritual and report on your experience.
2) Read the troll article and come ready to discuss.
11 11/14 11/28 Group Dynamics
Group WorkHomework:
1) Write your statement of belief.
2) Reflect and evaluate your participation in other groups and how the dynamics affected you. Bring a story to class.
12 12/12 12/26 Pathwork & Fact Finding
Questions and Answers PanelHomework:
Bring written parts of your graduation ritual and be prepared to coordinate that with your classmates. Specifically bring your personal calendars and suggestions for places.
13 1/9/16 1/23/16 Planning and Writing Ritual

Plan and perform your graduation ritual at the place and time you have collaborated on as a group.

Graduation: ritual presentation, social gathering & feast

As a group, the class will present a ritual that recognizes the accomplishments of the last thirteen months. This will be arranged by the group and will be held at a day and time that meets the needs of the group. This is a GROUP effort and should include everyone for the purpose of graduation, highlighting all lessons learned and incorporated from the series.

Those who are seeking to initiate into the Lyceum of Trees need to discuss this with the classmates. A part of the ritual may include that initiation, if it fits with the need of the group. A member may choose to initiate at another time or to hold a separate ritual for initiation. Discuss the options with the elders if this is something you, the individual, wish/want.

Lyceum of Trees

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Lyceum of Trees family, we hav a number of ways that can be done. We hold regular Esbat, or Full Moon rituals, and host Sabbat or seasonal celebrations around the Wheel of the Year. We hold monthly Board of Directors meetings and anyone can attend. Our annual meeting is held at Imbolc. Anyone attending the Year and a Day classes is welcome to attend these events as general participants, and these are announced on the Yahoo group: www.lyceum_of_trees@yahoogroups.com. These are also on our web site calendar page.

Some students decide to initiate into Lyceum of Trees. In order to do that, sometime after the third class, you should talk to one or more of the Elders, to get a better idea of what Lyceum is all about and what benefits/responsibilities membership entails.

Should you decide to initiate with Lyceum of Trees, you must choose a mentor by the sixth or seventh class and write a letter of intent in order to initiate at the graduation. For more information, just ask any of the Elders.

Check out this web site— use the menu in the left column— for more information.

(1) This will be collected in class 2
(2) room conflict on 2/14

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